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Read what some of our broadcasters have to say about Docler

I can stream on tour, on location, from the studio, and am also part of a community of talented artists. DJAnnaCavazos

Not only do I get to meet friendly strangers everyday, but now I can do collaborative music with viewers, which allows me to connect with people who I would've otherwise never met. LizaVega

It has helped me with my act. Finding out what works and doesn't work for an audience. And most importantly as a comic if I don't get a laugh during a live (physical) audience I am not thrown off because I am so used to not hearing laughter. ShannonBobo

Since joining I feel more confident in front of my audience and found it helps to strengthen my artistry vocally as well as interacting with possible fans. Jesstar

I am able to sing and talk to people all across the world and Get PAID! SonicBox has really helped create a bigger fan base for me! SevenJames

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